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Search Tips

The Basic Search Box

The Native Health Database can quickly be searched via the Basic Search box, which operates as the equivalent of the "keywords" field in the advanced search interface.

Connecting Search Terms Together

Search terms that are simply added to a search box without connectors will be automatically "anded" together. In other words, searches will return only those results which contain all of your search terms. You can also connect search term explicitly with "boolean operators":

ANDsearch for items will all of the search terms
ORsearch for items will one or more of the search terms
NOTsearch for items that do not include a search term

You can also group search terms together logically with parentheses. The following are some examples of valid boolean searches:

  • native AND health
  • (health AND region) NOT (tumor OR cancer)
  • ((health AND region) NOT tumor) OR ((health AND region) NOT cancer)

Note: NOT is used as a literal in the "Title" field for Advanced Search. For example, searching for "not mutated" in the title will find "p53 is not mutated in hepatocellular carcinomas from Alaska Natives." instead of titles not containing the term "mutated".

If no results are shown, try checking the "Inflectional Keywords?" checkbox. This will search for all the different tenses and conjugations of a verb or both the singular and plural forms of a noun. In addition, try using less terms.

Special Characters in the Keyword Search Field

The "Keywords" search box searches through the meta data, abstract, and title of articles. Infectional forms of the terms are included for "Keyword", "Title", and "Source". For example, if "foot" is a search term, it will search for any form of "foot" ("foot", "feet", and so on). Wildcards (*) are accepted at the end of the term. For example, "local wine*" matches "local winery", "locally wined and dine", and so on, but "*wine" will not find "swine").

When searching in multiple search boxes the contents of the boxes are "anded" together. In other words, the more fields you search, the narrower your search becomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the NHD Free?

Searching the NHD is free, however materials must be requested through your local library. Your library may charge for interlibrary loan requests.

Can I search multiple fields at the same time?

Yes, please do! However, keep in mind that if you fill out every field, your search might become impossibly narrow. The NHD will only find records that match conditions from all of your fields combined.

For Further Information...

If you still have questions, please email us.

Additional Resources

Tribal Epi Center Reports

Tribal Epidemiology Centers are Indian Health Service, division funded organizations who serve American Indian/Alaska Native Tribal and urban communities by managing public health information systems, investigating diseases of concern, managing disease prevention and control programs, responding to public health emergencies, and coordinating these activities with other public health authorities.